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The Postcode for your satnav is SL5 9RR
Sunningdale is approximately 30 miles (45km) west of central London and 10 miles (15km) south west of Heathrow.

Footpaths & Bridlepaths

Sunningdale Golf Club has several well-established public Rights of Way crossing the course. Members of the public have the right to use these paths to cross the land, and have priority at all times. Golfers may not hit balls deliberately towards walkers, and are required to take reasonable care before driving their ball towards the green, even if nobody is in sight from their position.
There are a number of restrictions on the Public Right of Way that visitors should remember.
1. A Right of Way is not a Right to Roam
Public access is limited to the public footpaths and bridleways marked on the map, plus any additional paths marked as available for visitors. All other areas and paths on Sunningdale Golf Course are reserved for the Club's members and staff . A map of the public footpaths is available on the link below.
2. Public Footpaths can be temporarily closed
The Club as the landowner has the right to suspend the Right of Way for example if a major tournament is taking place.
3. Public Footpaths may have hazards
The Golf Club takes all reasonable measures to prevent hazards, but Golf Courses are sporting environments. Visitors should exercise due caution when crossing the course and pay attention to warning signs.
4. Dogs must be kept on a lead
Sunningdale Golf Club requires that all dogs brought onto the course by visitors or members should be kept on a lead at all times for the safety of others. This requirement applies to the Rights of Way as well as all other areas.

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